What yoga is not


Yoga is not about that perfect pose. There is no perfect pose. The only pose that is perfect is the one that feels right to you. And the one that feels right to you comes with regular practice, when you get to discover your body, learn how to listen to it and respect it.  It’s an amazing feeling not only to be in control of the body but most importantly, to be aware of it. 


Yoga is not about that perfect outfit. Those who know me would never imagine me wearing those tight, butt-hugging outfits. However, with my flexibility getting better and better and therefore me being able to get deeper and deeper into the poses, I need comfort! So yes, those stretchy, tight, ‘sexy’ looking clothes are just the most comfortable for me at this point. I did start however in a t-shirt and cotton non-stretch pants, and so can you! 


Yoga is not about a ‘perfect’, slim, trim body. When I went for my final yoga teacher training, my 'guru' was this sweet, pot-bellied, white-robed man. Very quickly I realized that yoga is not about your flexibility, ability to do the most complex pose or looking good in class. It’s about the good in you, your intentions and attitude you have towards life.


Yoga is not about being a vegetarian. At the beginning, I forced myself into being one because that is what a 'real yogi' is. Ohhhhhh ... the expectations and image! It was the unhealthiest period of my life because I didn't understand the value of nutrition. Gradually, I learned the difference between food and nutrition, listened to what my body needed and stopped being my worst enemy.   


Yoga is not about depriving yourself from every glass of wine, chocolate, cookies or cakes, or any life pleasures that you enjoy having. Though I can tell you that with regular practice you will probably start making healthier lifestyle and food choices because your body, mind and soul will crave them. You might enjoy some fruit after a yoga session rather than grabbing that coke, diet of course, and a cig  :) - been there, done that, and have no shame in admitting it.


Yoga is not a religion, it is not a mystic form of some eccentric worship, and it’s for sure not just another aerobic exercise. Though don’t get me wrong. With regular practice, you will become leaner, stronger and much more flexible.  But that’s just the icing on the cake. 


Namaste friends


Savasana, not Headstand

It is about being in a state where you are able to observe your thoughts, not think them.  It’s that state of total detachment from the physical and the observation of the non-physical. 

What yoga is not

Yoga is not about that perfect pose, outfit or perfect body. It's not about being a vegetarian either or depriving yourself from every life pleasures that you enjoy having.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a powerhouse of well-being.  General components of yoga are the physical poses (asana), the different breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation.