What is yoga?


Yoga is a powerhouse of well-being.  General components of yoga are the physical   poses (asana), the different breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. All these entail healthier lifestyle, not because it’s required or expected, but because   your physical body, mind and soul will crave it.   


Asana. Various physical poses we practice on the yoga mat. To me, the aim is not the pose itself, but the process we go through. We practice in symbiosis with our own skeletal structure, suppleness, muscle strength and joy of being in it. We don’t push or force anything. We adapt, adjust, surrender. No matter how physical or meditative a pose can get, we are looking for the same end-result: a strong body, relaxed mind, balance and awareness.  


Breath. It is not just a mechanical and unconscious pumping of oxygen into our lungs. Breath is our life source. There are many different breathing techniques in yoga called pranayama. Each breathing method brings different benefits to the body and is designed to remove different kinds of toxins and blockages, connecting you closer to your inner knowing.


In a nutshell - the breath guides the movement; the movement guides the breath, and everything else falls into place in-between your inhalations and exhalations.


Lack of proper breathing is the cause of stress, anxiety, insomnia, emotional blockages, misaligned posture, hypertension, hormonal disbalance and storage of toxins in the body – just to name a few. When done properly, breath will bring clear-headedness, self-awareness, peace of heart, relaxed nervous system, health and an overall sense of well-being.


Meditation. If you associate meditation with some eccentric ritual requiring you to sit in a Buddhist monastery or on a Himalayan mountain top, then you might be disappointed but perhaps intrigued too. Meditation is simply being in the moment, slowing down, stilling the mind, living in consciousness. Through meditation you will achieve balance and mastery of your true, authentic self, and own your I AM.


Namaste friends


Savasana, not Headstand

It is about being in a state where you are able to observe your thoughts, not think them.  It’s that state of total detachment from the physical and the observation of the non-physical. 

What yoga is not

Yoga is not about that perfect pose, outfit or perfect body. It's not about being a vegetarian either or depriving yourself from every life pleasures that you enjoy having.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a powerhouse of well-being.  General components of yoga are the physical poses (asana), the different breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation.