Single Classes
sygnetOnline or in person session with the following options: yoga, guided meditation/relaxation, breath work, energy work; energetic/ Qi massage

During our yoga/mediation/relaxation/breath work session, we work on whatever needs to be addressed on that day. We invite you to practice in symbiosis with your own skeletal structure, suppleness, muscle strength and comfort level. From that comes the joy of the process. We also invite you to adapt the physical poses to the rhythm of your breath, energy of the moment and the state of your entire being.  We want you to move freely, fluidly, naturally, softly, exploring and observing your body, mind and spirit. After all, yoga is moving meditation. 


Our energetic/Qi massage will release tensions from your physical body and unblock stagnating energies within. You will feel a deeper connection to your inner knowing as your mental activities subside. We use Reiki, Qi Gong, sound therapy, yin yoga, intuitive body work to stimulate your energy and allow it to circulate within the body, creating its magic. 



sygnetHolistic Lifestyle Coaching session includes intuitive assessment, channelled messages, nutritional coaching, distance healing

Sessions are set up as individual face-to-face meetings or as phone calls. Each session is highly personalized, but our primary job is to hold the space for you, create an atmosphere of trust and non-judgment, so that you feel safe and comfortable enough to open up. We can then connect to you on a deeper level and access the core of whatever it is that is blocking you from being your true, authentic self. You are then given various tools to approach the change of your paradigme. 



sygnetCustomized video for your home practice

Following our complementry assessment call, this highly personalized video is recorded and sent to you so that you can practice in the comfort of your own home. Designed not only to your goals, but also needs, keeping in mind your body's structure, the state of your mind and the flow of your energy.



You will receive a free assessment
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