Lifestyle Project is a truly innovative venture born from real passion for life and human being. In the world where bigger, faster, more seems to be losing its charm, we have placed human emotions and needs at the center of our attention. Humanity has never been so omnipotent and lost at the same time.


We no longer are willing to live our lives in stress, guilt, fear of the unknown. Overwhelmed by problems, our bodies become ill, our mental health suffers, our emotions are misunderstood. Subsequently – we become angry, oversensitive, mistrusting. We don't live.  We survive in pain and suffering.

We at Lifestyle Project would like you to look at life from a very different perspective: viewing negative emotions as a barometer, a sign indicating that change is imminent. What we see as obstacles or problems in life are in fact red flags that should prompt us to introspection, to understand that we are going against who we really are, that we no longer follow our path towards happiness. They are steppingstones to liberation and self-love, and if managed to be seen as such, your perception of your whole reality will shift. The truth is that we have zero influence on what is happening on the outside, but full control and power on how we live within.

We would not consider ourselves legitimate, credible, or authentic if we were selling stories and theories rather than practical tools, and if we didn’t undergo our own profound transformations ourselves, and if we didn’t continue our journey along your side. But we do. Every - single - day. In a nutshell: we walk the talk.


Using yoga as our primary tool alongside various Eastern healing techniques we take you on a journey of self-discovery and eventually self-mastery, resulting in finding your balance, health and hunger for life.

Our innovative formula for health, wealth and happiness can be applied to individuals and businesses alike. Businesses are people after all, and we are very good at people. Don’t take our word for it tough. Try us, like many of our happy clients from around the world did.