Exclusive Private Yoga

Designed for the most demanding private clients who want to practice yoga under the supervision of a professional, in a safe, inspirational and motivational environment. Depending on your preferences and health predispositions, our highly personalized classes focus on one or a combination of different aspects of yoga - physical, mental and spiritual.


Any of the below sessions/packages will make you feel relaxed, strong, balanced, and connected to yourself. You will release stress, unblock tensions within your body, detoxify, find your flexibility, and most importantly, you walk away with tools to use in everyday life to create harmony and stay centered and focused in life.


All options include a FREE complementary assessment phone call (for new clients only), where we connect, see if we are a good match and decide on the best program for you.

Personalized Sessions
Single Classes
sygnetOnline or in person session of yoga, meditation/relaxation, breath work, energy work, energetic/ Qi massage
sygnetHolistic Lifestyle Coaching
sygnetCustomized video for home practice
30-day package
sygnet4 online or in person sessions
sygnet4 customized follow-up videos
sygnet4 supporting coaching calls 
sygnetAssistance and guidance in between assigned sessions
Lifestyle Transformation
30-day package
sygnet3 online or in person sessions
sygnet3 customized follow-up videos
kokardka kokardka
A gift for your loved ones
What better way of showing how much you care than by offering a unique and meaningful gift that matters – a gift of self-love and unconditional joy of life. By choosing one of our programs or creating a customized package, you give your loved ones an opportunity to find their way to themselves. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing the right program.
You will receive a free assessment
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