Corporate Yoga

At Lifestyle Project we don’t follow. WE INNOVATE. And therefore, we are taking corporate yoga to a new level of understanding. 

It has already been well documented that work environment impacts greatly the mental, physical and emotional state of a human being. Unfortunately, not always in a good way. Businesses such as Google, Nike, Microsoft to name a few, have already incorporated corporate yoga to their workplaces. True to its own ideology, Lifestyle Project pushes the envelope of what corporate yoga can do and be in the world of business.


We believe that at the heart of every business are the people who create and run it. It is the company's employees who care for its customers, create its image, and set new directions for its development. The success of your company rests in their hands, so take care of your employees. They will not only thank you, but it will also create a healthy, happy and productive work environment. Lifestyle Project meets the expectations of its clients. Do we dare to say … effortlessly? Yes, we do!



Time is money, so let’s get to the point


Ties & Suits Yoga. We teach you how to move your body in your ties and suits. It will make you stay relaxed but energized throughout the long hours spent in front of your computer or in the meetings. You will learn optimal postures for standing and sitting to help with possible back, wrist, shoulder issues. It will improve your overall posture, flexibility and strength so that in a long run you do not get any physical pain/injuries.

Breath. Together we practice breathing techniques that help you slow down your heart rate, reduce stress, relax the body, unclutter the mind ultimately resulting in more effective decision making, gained focus and clarity of thought.

Nutrition. Lunch time? Business dinner? We introduce you to nutritional coaching. Food choices to be made in the office environment for your body, but especially the brain. We show you how to create menus that fuel your brain and energize you body rather than slow you down, making you lethargic and ready for a nap or another cup of coffee.

Lifestyle Coaching. Last but for sure not least, we coach you into a new concept of how to view the money-making aspect of any company. Success in business is largely determined by the attitude towards money, often conditioned by cultural, demographic and historical factors. Therefore, company's profits do not always depend on the products or services offered, but the way it is approached and intensions behind it. We will show you how a change in the attitude towards money can awaken dormant creativity and translate into an improvement of financial results. Small changes, big gains. 




  • reduced stress level;

  • decline in corporate healthcare expenses;
  • lowered absenteeism and turnover due to burnouts;

  • increased productivity, performance and creativity;

  • increased loyalty of the employees;
  • improved communication, authenticity and respect between the employer and employees;

  • increasing the attractiveness of your company to like-minded/performant potential employees.


Lifestyle Project will change the face of your company. Let us do the impossible. Call us. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.


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