Rob Angel - Pictionary creator

As an absolute beginner I was nervous about my first yoga class. After 2 minutes with Nesh however my anxiety and fear melted away. She tailored the classes to me, but it is clear her breadth of knowledge is unsurpassed. She didn’t teach just yoga positions, but a full body and mind experience. On the physical side I was having mobility trouble with one of my shoulders. By the end of the first week with Nesh I had more movement than I had in years. To this day she acts as my spirit guide, helping me to navigate many aspects of my growth.


Tron - Mining Maintenance Planner

So much has happened. I bought an apartment, got a new job and after a long time I’m happy. Sleeping well, been off the ciggies for a couple of months too. I wanted to thank you because really, I owe so much of my progress to you. It wasn’t just the ‘Darth Vader’ breathing technique, but I think your words and energy are really infectious. I felt success was inevitable. Thank you so much Nesh.


Clare - professional skills trainer

Nesh is a truly divine human being who fully understands the essence of yoga and the art of connectivity. She gives you both the support and space to ground yourself, to let go and to trust in the moment. I’ve learned more in 2 months with Nesh than I have in 10 years of ‘doing yoga’. She is incredibly aware of what works for you and where you are at, and sensitively guides you towards finding your own intuitive voice and inner wisdom. Once you start working with Nesh, you will never be the same again.

Célia - banker, entrepreneur
Democratic Republic of Congo

I have known Nesh since I was 12, as my English teacher back then. When she transformed into a yoga teacher, she invited me to her yoga classes a couple of times, but I never went. When she posted a special offer for yoga classes on videocalls during the Covid lockdown, I immediately contacted her. I deeply felt I could trust her. When we started, I was a married mother, fulltime teleworking banker, taking care of my 2-year-old daughter, and devasted by the loss of one of my best friends from cancer at only 33.


She told me I was working too much. It sounded familiar, I had heard that so often, but in her mouth, it sounded like a loud alarm bell. I was working too much, handling too much, holding on to too much and I was breathless. She taught me how to catch back my breath, she showed me how to distance myself from external factors and to observe. Most of all, she made me believe in myself.


So I started seriously working on my first entrepreneurial project, after so many years of procrastinating and distrusting my capability to achieve my personal goals. This project came to life 9 months later and I feel so proud and thankful to have crossed her path.


The journey continues, there is still a long way to go but thank you Nesh for your time. Thank you for your support. Thank you for listening. You have immensely contributed to building my self-trust. Nesh, you are a true blessing to those who meet you along their way.

Natacha - architect, spatial coach

I feel like 20 years of suffering has just been lifted from me. In the world of bullshit, Nesh is the fountain of truth.

Rosaria - linguist

Nesh is my savior! I went through hell after a separation, a massive legal battle for the custody of my child, loss of my job, move to a country where I had no friends. Then one day, out of the blue, I talk to Nesh (previously 'only' my yoga teacher). And straight away everything makes sense! She opened my eyes and showed me both the reasons for this whole 'mess' and my way out. Nesh has been able to guide me through the labyrinth of my own mind to show the solutions which were there. Life begins when you meet Nesh. I’ll eternally be in debt to her!


This is Nesh, a beautiful soul with huge heart of gold! Nesh is more than a teacher, guide or a coach. She’s a natural! She’s 100% committed to those she works with. I feel blessed we worked together. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me ‘cause you did help me through it all!

Mirey - chief consultant, Ministry of Finance
Democratic Republic of Congo

I was honored our paths crossed and I hope they will again. At the time I may not have realized but you helped me so much and shook things in me in a very good way. I bow to you for that and may you help many more find themselves.


Nesh feels you and I mean the real you, not who you pretend to be. She sees right through the mask and she detects bullshit from miles away! She's there to support you, to help you find your path back to yourself and to remind you:  you have all the answers and you are the only one who can make change happen. Everything is already inside of you and, if you don't see it yet, she will help you see it. She allows you to be yourself, to break down, to feel, to heal ... in a truly loving, caring and joyful atmosphere. You will not be the same after meeting her. Take a leap of faith!

Pat - Ageless Yoga Instructor

I have to take a minute now after the final yoga class by my pool this morning and praise this lady. Nesh - my yoga instructor who lead me through poses I thought were impossible at 20 never mind 66 with lots of laughs, sweat pouring off me and then ... amazement. More than that I love this lady and what a wonderful friend. 

Lena - jewelery designer

You have been such an inspiring light in my life over the past two years - mind, body and soul. Because of you, yoga has become an integral part of my life - something that I can always turn to and something that I will always have. You are incredibly professional and make me work hard at times but always with a very friendly encouraging approach. I learn something new in EVERY one of your classes; it’s not only the yoga - added bonus is to always hear your words of wisdom every week.  

Gilly - education consultant, author
Great Britain

You are an inspiration, Nesh. Your spirit, your aura, your presence and your energy are truly beautiful. Working with Nesh is like working with your best friend, who absolutely knows what you need and gets you to do it at just the right pace. She’s incredibly empathic, highly skilled, you feel completely safe in her care. Nesh puts you immediately at your ease and makes you believe that a) You're as light as air, and b) that everything is possible, because you're in a state of total relaxation and total focus; perfect for a cynic like me! I was in a very poor state of health; both physically and mentally and Nesh taught me how to manage my stress, through gentle breathing and gentle movement. It got me through some very dark days in my life and I will be forever grateful to her for that. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. This woman is the real deal.

Shalini - entrepreneur
South Africa

I am a strong believer of a picture speaks a thousand words.  Before and after Nesh.



Sitting at a coffee shop in Kinshasa in 2013, probably at my heaviest weight ever, I came across a flyer about yoga. I e-mailed, booked a private lesson with Nesh.

It was a Saturday morning that she walked into my life. And it changed from the first asana we did. Yoga has taught me to love and respect my body and Nesh was holding my hand through this journey. I never knew how lost I was until I started yoga. Through the years, I started losing weight, feeling comfortable with my body, even to the point of me going to public yoga classes. I was not insecure anymore, and Nesh made me feel comfortable. Yes - curvy women can do yoga and I am proof.


As a yoga instructor, she is grounded and understanding. As a spiritual teacher, she is enlightened. As a friend, she is the best. Thank you Nesh for being part of my life journey.

Pascale - Country Director MSI
Democratic Republic of Congo

Meeting Nesh is very special: it is about meeting a beautiful, generous and amazing person. She holds my hand through the most amazing journey thriving to my inner self.


That started a long time ago with a qi gong weekend in Kinshasa. And a couple of years ago, I did a breathing workshop, followed by yoga, massages and meditation, and eventually coaching. Postures, breathing, words, laughter, friendship, happiness. It's all part of it, starts from the relationship and eventually, it was all in me, no matter what I was going through. Feel the Energy. Love. Live.


Working with Nesh helps me heal physically, emotionally and grow energetically. It is not always easy and many yoga classes have been tough on me, and many private sessions have left me crying. But if you wish to see long term results and to find yourself releasing your blockages one downward dog after the other, surrendering to true love and finally finding your inner self - you knocked on the right door. Everything Nesh does comes from a place of kindness and love, and you can feel it!

Joanna - entrepreneur

Before I started yoga with Nesh, I was thinking yoga wasn't for my nervous mind and it wasn't really a sport either. But I tried and not only all of my body worked out but my soul too, and I felt so good. I went to all Nesh's classes from then onwords. I found her classes serious about practising yoga but with her funny touch, and I loved the way she made my soul grow. I really recommend her because she loves what she does.

Christine - artist

Studying yoga with Nesh is truly an education of the self. Through her powerful and thoughtful classes I have expanded my body and feel more flexible and strong. I have learned from Nesh how to deepened my breath and connected to my inner knowing. Nesh has taught me to express the yoga poses as only my body is able to. I have gained confidence from her classes and a new sense of connection to body and self. Thanks Nesh for the empowerment! 

Ansu - environmental analyst

Nesh's guidance has been a beacon of light for me as I transition out of a life and career that I had long outgrown, but felt stuck in.


Nesh isn’t satisfied with the language of externally driven motivations; rather she speaks the language of soul-driven purpose. She guides you to free yourself from the deep weight of external expectations: family, peer pressure, and social and cultural codes. Deconstructing those external influences goes a long way, but Nesh also gives you practical tools to separate yourself from those voices that hinder you in your evolution to a more authentic version of yourself.

During counselling sessions she hears the gaps between your words as much as she hears the words themselves. Through the perspective of her knowledge, personal example, and hard-gained wisdom, she helps you find and amplify your own intuition and inner guidance. 

There are no trite answers from Nesh, only guideposts on the often halting, but sure path towards inner wisdom that self-love brings. She helped me to ‘trust the process’ during a transition when I had lost footing and was treading deep water. 

Her personal energy and articulate use of language are key features of her therapy. For these reasons and many more, Nesh has stood out from other life coaches and counsellors I previously worked with.

Virginie - team leader, project manager
Democratic Republic of Congo

Crossing paths with Nesh has been a major milestone in my life. Not only because she is a wonderful person and became a true friend (as one might have the chance to meet once or twice in a lifetime), but also because she took me to yoga.


Saying this does not however do justice, as learning yoga with Nesh is a true life experience that goes way beyond the postures. It's about breathing, feeling, getting access to your core energy and in the end, about just being. Her energy and attitude in life really had an impact on my way of living. There is a before and after Nesh. I have no words to express my gratitude for all the doors she helped me open.

Claire - humanitarian worker
Democratic Republic of Congo

Nesh's yoga alignment and breathing workshop lifted my spirits and helped me to recenter and gave me tools I'm drawing from weeks later. I have been practicing yoga about 8 years and in this three-hour workshop I learned some really valuable takeaways about my body and mind and ways to heal myself that I can integrate into my everyday practice. Thanks Nesh!


Coach, partenaire, amie, accompagnatrice, alliée. Ces mots mettent en évidence toutes les qualités que Nesh offre à travers son accompagnement. Accompagnement dans un travail sur soi que l’on souhaite entreprendre pour (re)mettre du sens à sa vie. Un travail sur soi qui n’est pas simple tous les jours, mais qui permet une évolution grâce à une relation de confiance qui est installée. Mais aussi grâce à des outils simples, pratiques et à la portée de tous nous permettant d’être (à nouveau) acteur de notre vie. De vivre notre vie. Take a breath, be, trust, and live. Merci Nesh.

Delphine - teacher/school principal

J’ai rencontré Nesh à Kinshasa. Comme dans la chanson : ‘On s’est connu ... On s’est perdu de vue ... On s’est retrouvé.’


J’ai profité de son post lorsque j’étais à Abidjan et surchargée émotionnellement : beaucoup de travail, la perte d’un être cher, le confinement ... Tout ce qui peut nous faire perdre pied. Nous avons commencé par une séance de prise de contact pendant laquelle je me suis effondrée. J’avais déjà retrouvé une amie et il me semblait que l’on ne s’était jamais quittées. Puis un grand réconfort, une compréhension, une nouvelle approche de ma vie. Moi qui aime tout contrôler, je devais sentir, ressentir, ne plus attaquer de front, laisser ma tête de côté. Apprendre à lâcher prise. J’ai eu une séance de yoga offerte en visio, pendant le confinement: j’avais déjà commencé quelque chose de positif.


J’ai ensuite suivi un mois avec Nesh: j’étais de retour en France, j’avais connu beaucoup de changements et j’en ressentais le besoin. Nesh sent, ressent, elle travaille avec passion et personnalise son contenu. On se sent accompagné par le cœur et l’énergie et on vit autrement. A nous de faire ensuite le bout du chemin pour réapprendre à vivre autrement, se concentrer sur le moment présent, se regarder, écouter son corps, reprendre le contrôle de sa vie sous un angle différent. Je pratique aussi souvent que j’en ai besoin grâce au contenu disponible à vie.


Merci pour cette prise de conscience jolie Nesh. Que tu puisses guider d’autres énergies vers la paix intérieure et la découverte de leur moi profond.

Manu - restaurant owner
Democratic Republic of Congo
J’ai connue Nesh via mon époux qui a commencé à faire du yoga pour se détendre et pour des problèmes de dos. Dès la première séance c’était 'love at first sight'. Elle n’est pas simplement une excellente et consciencieuse prof de yoga, c’est une femme extraordinaire qui fera en sorte de révéler la femme ou l’homme que vous êtes réellement. Nesh on t’adore!!!
Zeina - entrepreneur
Democratic Republic of Congo
Tu m'as fait découvrir le yoga à Kinshasa à un moment où j'en avait le plus besoin. Tes cours m'ont appris à prendre conscience de moi même de mon corps à faire la paix avec mon corps et avec moi même. C'était des fois un voyage avec mon inconscient qui m'accompagnait lors de chaque seance. J'ai découvert de nouvelles sensations de bien être et de paix intérieur. Aujourd’hui tes cours me manquent surtout après la crise du Covid. Le yoga, la méditation se résument à toi Nesh. Best coach ever.
Joanna - lawyer

Zaczęłam praktykować yogę z Nesh 4 miesiące temu i mogę śmiało powiedzieć, że yoga odmieniła moje życie. Nesh to fantastyczna kobieta, która wie co robi i wie jak pomagać ludziom. Yoga sprawiła, że moje życie jest piękne, spokojne, odzyskałam balans i równowagę. Absolutnie każdemu polecam taką formę ćwiczeń.