Branding Yoga

Just like yoga per se needs to be adapted to each individual, as yoga means connection to the Self, we have created Branding Yoga.


The current world situation not only will not bring us back to pre-2020, but the way business was conducted in the past will no longer be feasible for post-2021. Foreseeing and understanding the subtle yet very palpable needs of our society to change is staying ahead of the game in the consumer’s world. It is time to embrace and integrate those demands for change and adapt a much more holistic approach to business.


Lifestyle Project partners with companies who have a clear vision of the world around us, feel and perceive the changes the society is organically gravitating towards, and are not afraid of pioneering and implementing those changes into their business model.


So what is Branding Yoga?


To our clients, we offer customized branding programs tailored to their company’s activities (services offered or products sold), and their main goals and objectives.  Our unconventional, out of the box approach and creative boldness shifts the perception and puts the client and their overall well-being at the forefront of any business - as a human, not as a wallet.


Think of it as an added value to goods or services sold. Let us give you an example. If we were to partner with a company selling beddings or mattresses, we would create a program called ‘Yoga In Between The Sheets’. Sold along the principal products, we provide their clients with a guide, a bedtime rituals and routines for a restorative, peaceful sleep.


If we were working with companies selling cars, along with Owner’s Manual, buyers would find ‘Yoga On The Go.’ Adapting yogic practices to optimal sitting positions in car seats, breathing techniques that help stay sharp on the road, or calm and relaxed when stuck in traffic or waiting at a red light. You can transform road-rage into a very soothing meditative practice.


If we partnered with food companies, we would teach breathing techniques and sitting positions for optimal digestion and food absorption. We would also provide a guide for an overall approach to food and diet, specific for the nature of the food sold by a given company.


If we collaborated with a cosmetics/beauty company, we would provide its clients with a manual into a self-care/self-love routine, in synergy with the products sold, and coach them into the use of the products to enrich their own, personal beauty.


The list is inexhaustible. Give us your business and we will revolutionize and transform it into one-of-a-kind adventure. Your brand’s image will be enhanced in the media and business environment, emotional and long-lasting bond between you and your customers will gain in strength and authenticity. Branding Yoga’s goal is to build common value system for the brands and its custmers, but and by putting human being and its well-being at the center of all gains. This is the world we are moving towards and we want to take part of its creation.


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