The mind does not know. The heart does. 


Life lived from and through the heart looks and feels very different than the one lived from the head,  

because there is so much more to life than what we were conditioned to believe and taught to live.


Join us in transcending old paradigms and learning how to switch from the head to the heart,

creating and attracting the life you deserve - health, wealth, happiness and freedom.


Polish by birth and nationality, has spent majority of her life outside of her native country. She studied Anthropology in the United States and Comparative Education in Great Britain. Throughout the years, she lived and worked in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Spain and Belgium. A free spirit and a beautiful mind, she lives her life in harmony with the principals of Zen.


A graduate in International Relations from the University of Warsaw, whose curiosity for the unknown and thirst for adventure led her to Africa. An ex-diplomat, UN expert at the Polish Embassy in Nairobi, consul and chargé d'affaires at the Polish Embassy in Luanda.



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A gift for your loved ones
What better way of showing how much you care than by offering a unique and meaningful gift that matters – a gift of self-love and unconditional joy of life. By choosing one of our programs or creating a customized package, you give your loved ones an opportunity to find their way to themselves. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing the right program.


Rob Angel - Pictionary creator

As an absolute beginner I was nervous about my first yoga class. After 2 minutes with Nesh however my anxiety and fear melted away. She tailored the classes to me, but it is clear her breadth of knowledge is unsurpassed. She didn’t teach just yoga positions, but a full body and mind experience. On the physical side I was having mobility trouble with one of my shoulders. By the end of the first week with Nesh I had more movement than I had in years. To this day she acts as my spirit guide, helping me to navigate many aspects of my growth.


Tron - Mining Maintenance Planner

So much has happened. I bought an apartment, got a new job and after a long time I’m happy. Sleeping well, been off the ciggies for a couple of months too. I wanted to thank you because really, I owe so much of my progress to you. It wasn’t just the ‘Darth Vader’ breathing technique, but I think your words and energy are really infectious. I felt success was inevitable. Thank you so much Nesh.



Savasana, not Headstand

It is about being in a state where you are able to observe your thoughts, not think them.  It’s that state of total detachment from the physical and the observation of the non-physical. 

What yoga is not

Yoga is not about that perfect pose, outfit or perfect body. It's not about being a vegetarian either or depriving yourself from every life pleasures that you enjoy having.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a powerhouse of well-being.  General components of yoga are the physical poses (asana), the different breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation.